Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the holidays according to my iphone.

2011 was a such a good year for us. We saw so many answered prayers and were grown and stretched. We started going to Red Door and found the kind of deep community we'd been looking for for so long.  We added a new 4 legged addition to the family. My photography started to "click". We had fun. I'll miss 2011, but 2012 promises a whole new set of lessons to be learned, community to be deepened, and fun to be had. Here are some pictures of our Christmas. It was so restful and magical. 

The 1st Christmas tradition Matt & I have had as a family, Awaited. A creative, beautifully told play about Jesus's entrance into our world. 

we had lots of snuggle time!

Matt's dad gave me Harry Potter glasses to hint at my gift of the entire Harry Potter series. Hilarious.

It was so fun watching our niece experience the trees and lights and general Christmas magicalness! 
pretty pup, pretty tree.

Our very special Christmas desserts. YUM.

This was the first year we got to have Christmas day all to ourselves. It was perfect. We started by spending half the day in our pj's and wearing our bed head and making a delicious breakfast.

My mom & I had dinner at Nada & then went to see The Nutcracker. It was so magical. I loved every single second & will be going back every single year. 

My grandma & niece on Christmas Eve. 

2 of my favorite gifts from Matt! So much beautiful imagination!

We rented out Book Bums & welcomed 2012 with good friends and a fancy dress party. I didn't get the 20's theme memo until it was too late but it was so much fun. I don't want to forget spending an hour from midnight til 1 am dancing with a friends daughter and watching fireworks go off from the house across the street. Such a good way to celebrate. On New Years day we headed down to Williamstown, KY to spend the day with Matt's mom and stepdad. It's so pretty & peaceful down there. I love being able to just stand in front of or behind the house and see nothing but sky and rolling hills. Then we stayed up way too late a second night in a row playing games & snuggling Jim the cat with our second family (or what most normal people call small group). 

How was your Christmas? Did you celebrate the new year? Praying that you are blessed and filled with love and joy in 2012! xoxo.

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