Friday, January 13, 2012


I'm feeling rather introverted lately and when I go into these phases I live solely on journaling, reading and being inspired by other peoples brilliance. These are a few things that have inspired me this week.

This video is pure truth in my opinion. I love it. I agree with every word he says and I love how he lays it out. I've been really inspired by spoken word lately. The rhythm of poetry is so beautiful.

This short film from Jesse Rosten is so wonderful, it actually brought tears to my eyes!I connected with it on such a deep level. I love it when artists can take something completely not human and make you feel something deep in your soul. Also, I've made up stories in my head about how shopping carts get in random places before too so I know I'm not alone in my weirdness : ). It's only about 10 minutes long and I strongly encourage you to watch it! 

Things around my house that have gotten me through the week:

watching a sunrise from the spare room window on one of my early mornings.

Spending lots of quiet time in Proverbs and sipping on coffee.

This quote from Mother Teresa. A kindred gave it to me last week and it's been living in my kitchen window and reminding me of why I'm here.

What's inspiring you right now? I would love to see!

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