Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jordan & Sara

This is Jordan & Sara, some new good friends of ours.  Jordan is from America. Sara is from Mexico. They met in France. Yeah, I know... That's awesome. We met at church a few months ago and, basically, we love them. They are super fun and friendly, and Sara once made us a delicious Mexican drink made out of flowers. How baller is that? They had a beautiful wedding in Mexico about 9 months ago and unfortunately got TOTALLY scammed on their wedding photography. I wanted to give them some pictures they'd be happy to hang in their home. So a couple weeks ago we met up at a park in Cincinnati and had some picture time fun. Here are a few from their session!

Jordan & Sara, I am so glad we know you! You're the bees knees, and I hope you like your pictures!!


  1. these are gorgeous! I'd frame that kiss in the grass anytime.

  2. such lovely photos of lovely people!