Wednesday, November 9, 2011

nashville & such

This past weekend Matt and I visited some good friends in Nashville. We laughed til our sides hurt, ate delicious food, relaxed, cuddled, and wondered aimlessly. It was an incredible weekend. Seth and Kelly used to live across the street from us in Oakley and we miss them dearly. We have always talked about moving down there, and this weekend made that desire pop right back to the front of our minds again! Who knows, maybe the door will open for us! But if not we are perfectly content here with our amazing community in Cincinnati. Here are some pictures from this weekend.

we spent some time wondering around Franklin. Such an adorable town.

our men being studs.

Kelly and I. love her. 

we had lunch at the legendary Loveless Cafe. It was some yummy legit southern food!

husband and I at Jacksons in Hillsboro Village. If you ever go, get the cookie dough egg roll. Trust me.

You can't ever pass up a chance to have Jeni's ice cream. Funny thing, Jeni's is based out of Columbus which is only a couple hours from us, but we drove 5 hours for it : )

cupcakes. Y.U.M.

coffee love at Fido

We were sad to leave and can't wait to get back. We've had a nice relaxing week since we've been back. I've been busy cozying up the corners of our little home. 

And enjoying the beautiful Autumn light.

How has your week been so far?


  1. ah! so good to see all the pictures!!! we LOVE franklin! one of my college friends lives there and i'm so jealous! i love you friend and i can't wait to hear all about everything for real and in person! :D

  2. I finally have time to check out your blog. It's so lovely by the way. you have the cutest shop too.

    My week has been good. Filled with stress and chaos because of said stress. Trying to manage the workload and Jesus time.

    Those cupcakes right there....*drools*